Important information for our customers and business partners

Dear customers and business partners,

Today we would like to share with you important and pleasant news about our company and our further business relationship and therefore we kindly ask you to read this carefully.

As you know, Univacco Foils Holland BV was founded in 2008 and at that time gained larger market shares for hot and cold transfer products. In 2015, the first major and, in retrospect, very successful restructuring of the company took place: Fons van Delft, with his decades of experience, took over 100% of the company and from then on aligned it in a lean and market-oriented way. In the years that followed, the now fully Dutch company, as Univacco's exclusive dealer for Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, also helped to optimize all products to the specific and ever-changing European legislation and European market requirements, and exponentially expanded the market share of Univacco Foils Holland BV through seamless service and a clear understanding of its customers' needs.

Then, in 2018, the management decided to build a new, zero emission and ultra-modern headquarters in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, equipped with one of the most advanced spooling & slitting centers in Europe, cutting-edge and highly ergonomic processing machines, its own laboratory and one of the largest and best-stocked computerized high-bay warehouses in this market sector in Europe, which was completed and ready for occupancy in 2021.

Already at the end of 2021 the next big step was taken and besides a modern and market-focused renaming of the company to Univacco Holland BV, the marketing of the company as well as the – at that time no longer up to date – internet presence were relaunched and expanded with professional help.

All this was still done with the company focus to be perceived by the market as the exclusive distributor of the Taiwanese Univacco Technology Inc.

Over the years we have grown in a healthy way and expanded in many areas. At our new location in Waalwijk we have developed into a complete, highly competent, and very successful technology provider for almost all areas of the hot and cold transfer business. With Starfoil Technology Netherlands BV, for example, we have one of the world's largest and most successful suppliers of high-quality spooling/slitting and cutting machines as well as flatbed hot stamping machines in our group of companies. Just two months ago, Starfoil also took over the formerly UK-based NewfoilMachines Ltd (a world-renowned manufacturer of hot stamping, embossing, and finishing machines for roll-to-roll and adhesive label productions) and transferred the operational business to Waalwijk and incorporated it into the business of Starfoil Technology Netherlands bv as an independent brand.

Furthermore, for example, in the market for transfer products for the plastics industry or for car license plates, our group of companies has become one of the leading suppliers in Europe today. In total, the new company building now houses five - each highly successful - companies and brands around the large market of cold and hot transfer for different industries.

We think we might say we are for years more than "just the largest client for Univacco Technology Inc. in Europe and one of their three largest distributors worldwide". We are a cross-industry and independent product and technology provider for virtually all areas of the hot and cold transfer business.

As we are not able to convey all this in a comprehensible way by our current company name Univacco Holland BV alone we have already sat down with the Taiwanese management of Univacco Technology Inc. at the end of 2022 and discussed to change our company name. Of course, detached from all existing and future supply contracts with Univacco. For Univacco we will of course remain one of the most important trading and development partners and we are looking forward to further common challenges. And of course, all Univacco products will remain in our product range, so for our customers this name change will have no effect on existing and future business.

The new name will enable us to present ourselves to the market as the transfer technology specialist that we really are. This is a logical step in the right direction and an enrichment for us, our customers and our business partners. As the Taiwanese management of Univacco Technology Inc. agreed with our decision, we have used the past months for the extensive preparation of our name change.

As of August 14, 2023, we will operate under the name United Transfer Technologies BV. You will then find our new website at and we will also change our email addresses to the format over the next days and months. We will organize this as smoothly as possible for you to give you enough time to change your address books, ERP and CRM systems as well as your supplier lists. To do this, you only need to change all our e-mail addresses from to the new version

As an example: will then simply become:

Please do this by September 30, 2023, at the latest, as the old addresses will then no longer be available and there will be no forwarding to the new addresses from then on.

The new United Transfer Technologies BV will also take over the function of an umbrella organization to make the overall association of all our companies as transparent as possible. This is also already firmly anchored in the new corporate design of United Transfer Technologies BV, as you will discover soon.


What does this mean for you as a customer and business partner of Univacco Holland BV?

Well, first of all, for our customers and business partners, this has no effect on your orders and the products you buy from us. Of course, we still have all products of Univacco Technology Inc. in our delivery program in unchanged quality and availability. The certificates and technical data sheets also remain unchanged, of course. All supply contracts will remain unchanged.

Through our new appearance we will from now on be able to offer you all the advantages of a true transfer technology partner, which is exactly what we are. So right from your first visit to our new website you will be able to explore our great range of Starfoil and Newfoil Machines. Also in the nowadays very important topic of sustainability and recycling we can now position ourselves exactly as we have been planning and preparing for a long time. The distances to Taiwan were simply too far to find an environmentally friendly recycling solution for our base materials, packaging materials and auxiliary materials. This was also a very important point for our decided name change. Now we can conclude contracts in our own name by means of selected European recycling partners with whom we have been testing recycling solutions for almost all our consumables for a long time, and to find perfect and above all environmentally friendly solutions with short delivery routes for you as our customers. We will also inform you about this in more detail shortly.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and look forward to a continued relationship with you under our new name.

Kind regards,

Univacco Holland BV

the management team

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