Name Change of Univaccos Netherlands Distributor

Univacco Technology Inc. announces that their Netherlands-based distributor, Univacco Holland BV, has changed its name to United Transfer Technologies BV as of August 2023.

This decision has been discussed by both parties and reflects the fact that United Transfer Technologies BV is an independent distributor, not a subsidiary or affiliate of Univacco Technology Inc. Nevertheless, United Transfer Technologies BV will continue to serve as part of the distribution network for Univacco products, just as it did prior to the name change.

Further, the sales region of United Transfer Technologies BV will be focused at all times exclusively on the area comprising the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With decades of pioneering global leadership in the fields of vacuum and coatings, Univacco Technology Inc. remains committed to developing innovative, top-quality, high-performance solutions for hot stamping and cold transfer applications. They firmly place their customers at the center of their decisions, ensuring that their needs guide their every move. Moreover, their dedication extends to providing reliable support and customized solutions to their European customers through close collaborations with their distributors across Europe, reflecting their unwavering commitment to the success of all parties involved.

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