We wish you a Happy Easter!

This year we have again realised our Easter gift together with our friends from GRAWER Polska.

It is a pure hot stamping project on green natural cardboard. This means that all drawing design elements were realised using hot stamping.

Here, we used two metallised transfer products from our 740 series ( Gold MG-55 and Red RE-80) as well as our 777 quality in black (CK-11).

The contents of this year's gift are as tasty and traditional at the same time. However, we do not want to spoil the surprise here for all those who have not yet received our present today.

You can find our transfer products here:

Hot Stamping-Metallic-740

Hot Stamping-Metallic-777

The multi-level relief embossing tools (brass) as well as the production of the folding box were realised by GRAWER Polska.

You can find the website of GRAWER Polska here:


We hope you enjoy our gift and we already wish you peaceful holidays with your loved ones, maximum relaxation and a good appetite! ;)

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