Metallized Narrow-Web web printing

Narrow-Web Cold Transfer is a high-speed process in which the metallised layer of the transfer product is bonded to the substrate by means of an adhesive UV or conventional ink, so that no embossing dies are required. Unlike Sheet-fed Offset Cold Transfer, modern presses, which are often modular, offer the option of changing modules per printing station. This means that the Cold Transfer module does not necessarily have to be the first unit.

United Transfer's Narrow-Web Cold Transfer Products are primarily designed for labels, but can also be applied perfectly to packaging with wider web presses equipped with Cold Transfer modules, such as UV flexo, UV web offset and UV web letterpress.

The overprintable Narrow-Web Cold Transfer Products of the United Transfer CF4.6R-A series offer high gloss and a stunning metallic appearance from fine lines to large solid areas.

As a wide range of Narrow-Web applications also includes transparent substrates, e.g. for no-label looks and In-Mold labels (IML), we have also created the possibility to realise counter and reverse print productions with the CF4.6DU series. In these applications, the Cold Transfer Product is applied mirror-inverted to the transparent substrate using a transparent adhesive, so that the subsequent print image is visible through the substrate. The printed image is automatically protected from abrasion and damage by the substrate. An additional protective coating is therefore not necessary. Furthermore, this configuration also enables the inline application of label adhesives onto the final printed image.

Since the CF4.6DU series has metallisation on both sides, designs are also possible, especially for label production, which are visible from the outside of transparent primary packaging such as glass or transparent plastic bottles, as well as through the primary packaging and an equally transparent product.

The CF4.6R-A and CF4.6DU series are suitable for different substrates as they have an optimised surface preparation by means of corona treatment and primer, which enables the printer to fine-tune various printing parameters via the printing forme, the transfer volume via the anilox roller and the contact pressure of the rollers. The CF4.6R-A and CF4.6DU series are also cost-efficient as they guarantee good adhesion of ink and adhesive, thus enabling lower consumption.

The CF4.6R-A and CF4.6DU series are available for a wide range of label applications, such as healthcare, cosmetics, shrink sleeves and In-Mold labels (IML).

Metallized Cold Transfer Narrow-Web products