Metallic Sheet-fed Offset Cold Transfer printing

The biggest advantage of sheet-fed offset cold transfer for designers looking for limitless creativity is the inline process. Thanks to the inline process and the overprintability of our products, designers can create a wide range of metallic effects with very high register accuracy in a single transfer process upstream of printing.

United Transfer's sheet-fed cold transfer products offer excellent performance on fine details through to full-area application with easy releasability and with the highest possible gloss. It is also possible to create halftone effects on small to medium areas.

The CF6.1 series of sheetfed cold transfer products is superbly optimised for use with oxidative drying adhesives (with fast drying performance) and our CF6.2S series products for primarily use with UV-curing adhesives.

Both series can be used on a wide range of coated papers and boards as well as further substrates.

We offer gold/matt gold and silver/matt silver for different design requirements.

Metallized Cold Transfer Products