Digital Finishing - Special Cold Transfer Products for Digital Printing

The transfer products of the United Transfer Digital Finishing series DF-02X are suitable for processing on all common digital printing machines. Especially MGI Digital Finishing Solution with JETvarnish 3D Digital Spot UV Coater and SCODIX Ultra and SCODIX E106. The DF series gives the print a 3D effect and saves the cost of the printing form.

With these special transfer products, a special, usually transparent relief lacquer is applied to the inline or offline digitally or conventionally pre-printed print sheet in digital presses suitable for this purpose, and the surface of this pre-cured lacquer is mechanically bonded to the transfer product. The adhesion force of the relief lacquer causes the metallised surface of the transfer product, which has been specially optimised for this process, to detach partially and with high sharpness and remain on the relief lacquer. The relief lacquer is now cured by UV light and permanently bonded to the metallised transfer product. This enables fascinating optical and - due to the relief varnish - tactile, metallised 3D effects. Through multiple finishing with differently coloured transfer products, even very complex, multi-coloured metallic finishes can be achieved in very small runs.

Since the finishing technologies in digital printing still vary widely depending on the press manufacturer and coating supplier, and this technology area is currently still in its early stages, we recommend making a test series on the original substrate and print image before each job, which can then be used to optimise the production parameters. In particular, creasing, folding, die-cutting and trimming lines should be designed without varnish and thus without finishing due to the technology-related high cracking tendency of the relief varnishes used, in order to avoid damage in the final converting processes.