Wide range of attractive holographic dessins

United Transfer Technologies BV offers an extensive portfolio of holographic dessins for graphic applications. United Transfer's holographic hot transfer products are designed and suitable for a wide range of applications and material surfaces in the graphic arts industry.


Impressive endless motifs thanks to seamless "Seamless" effect"

The HD series from United Transfer convinces with seamless "Seamless" effects in many endless dessins. Thus, for example, with our United Transfer Rainbow Pattern, impressive and endless rainbow effects can be achieved free of previously visually striking shimlines. All this with a very consistent, effective color play and excellent gloss. Seamless holography" simplifies printing and design processes and opens up a whole new range of possibilities and benefits for graphic designers, printers and companies. In addition, the seamless production of our products helps to save costs, optimize processes, and conserve resources, as less waste is generated and the previously customary sorting out of printed copies with visible shimline will no longer be necessary in the future.


Attractive effects for labels, packaging and printed matter

In addition to our metallized products, our holographic hot stamping products offer you further, attractive options for enhancing your packaging, labels, brochures or advertising printed matter of all kinds with additional very appealing and attractive effects, thus significantly increasing the added value of your product or brand. Impressive glitter effects and light shows increase the attractiveness and value of advertising materials and products.

Gold, silver, special colors and coating effects

Color options include standard gold and silver as well as specific color options. However, there are also options to overprint our holographic products with process and special colors and to finish them with varnishes. The possibilities in terms of color shades to be produced and possible varnish effects on the respective decors are very diverse and thus no longer set any limits to additional individual design.

Silver S-01
Gold G-220 / G-116

Other metallic colors and transparent holographic decors are available on request.

Note on product coding

When inquiring or ordering, please name the desired product type, pattern designation, and your desired color selection.

705 HD17 RE-905 , CF4.2 HD09 S-01 , CF5.1 HD01 S-01 , LP4.0 HD1D G-20

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Holography products - features, properties, applications

You can get our holography products as holographic hot stamping, as well as holographic cold transfer products (sheet-fed offset and flexo).

Fields of application:
Packaging, folding boxes, labels, brochures, products, cosmetics, promotional items, greeting cards, advertising printed matter.

Holography products - Special advantages

Very high visual effect, added value due to the noble appearance, enhancement of products and advertising printed matter, high visibility at the PoS.

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Holographic hot stamping products