Hot Stamping-Metallic-717

Universal Hot Stamping Transfer Product for a wide range of applications, including on UV inks and surfaces finished with UV coating


  • For fine to medium embossing motifs
  • Very universally applicable on all machine systems in the graphic arts industry

Areas of application

  • Suitable for uncoated, coated, unprinted , printed papers and cartons as well as self-adhesive label materials
  • Lacquered papers and cartons

Processing parameters

  • Vertical, platen and clam-shell machines: 110 °C - 140 °C
  • Cylinder presses: 100 °C - 170 °C
  • Rotary machines: 200 °C - 240 °C

Available colors


Standard product. Mostly in stock.

The colors shown here are for reference only, are technically generated and not binding. Please ask for one of our original color guides for this product. Other colors and gloss levels are available on request.


Core size
1 inch cardboard and plastic core and 3 inch cardboard core

Product width
A few millimeters to more than one meter possible

Running meters per roll
Depending on winding and material thickness up to 6,000 meters possible



Under optimum transfer conditions, all our products have a high to very high gloss (except satin and matt products) and high abrasion and rub resistance. However, as these values depend on many production parameters and not least on the substrate and printing process used, we cannot give any measured values here.

All United Transfer products have been developed for their respective specific applications. However, experience shows that substrates, printing machines and operating conditions can vary. Therefore, users of our products are urged to verify that the selected product types are suitable for their specific applications by making test prints under production conditions. For this purpose, samples are available from us upon request. If you need assistance, we will be happy to provide advice and support.

For safe storage we recommend to leave the product in its original packaging, store in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. The product should be processed within one year from the indicated production date.

All information and recommendations are given by us in good faith on the basis of our practical experience - but without guarantee. We refer to our general terms and conditions of sale and terms of delivery.

Data sheet

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