Transparent Hot Stamping Products

Metallic or holographic gloss and colour effects are not always needed in print finishing. Especially when matt/gloss effects are required, a special contrast of blind embossing is to be created, a partial gloss varnish could not be applied during printing or the desire for a partial gloss form only arose after printing, this must be solved via print finishing.

Specifically for such cases, we offer a special, transparent and high-gloss Hot Stamping Product series that enables excellent processing parameters on both coated and uncoated substrates, on silicone- and oil-free water-based coatings, as well as on PET/OPP thermal and wet laminates.

Depending on the application and the process and tool selected, the resulting effect is comparable to a partially flat, embossed or debossed gloss varnish, a partial screen-print lacquer application or even a digitally applied relief coating.

Our universal, transparent Hot Stamping Transfer Product under the product number 729 is known for its very good, homogeneous "substrate dampening", high gloss, uniform release and very wide range of use on all machine systems in the graphic arts industry.

Of course, no plastic film is applied to the substrate with this product either, and the transfer layers required to create the effect are – as with all our transfer products – only a few micrometres thin and thus usually thinner than the layer thicknesses in comparable coating applications.

Hot Stamping Transfer Product