Cast & Cure (CnC) - The Process with SEF - Special Effect Finishing

With SEF Cast & Cure it is possible to achieve holographic special effects with 3D effect in many different designs. Through the interaction of a special UV coating and the SEF CnC product, which contains the holographic design, the micro-fine structure of the Cast & Cure product is embossed into the surface of the applied UV coating and cured immediately afterwards by means of UV radiation. Thus, the fine microstructure of the SEF CnC product used remains in the surface of the applied and cured UV coating. The CnC product is rewound and can be reused several times with accurate rewinding and correctly applied UV coating using special CnC modules. Our SEF CnC products can be used on coated papers and folding cartons as well as on SK label and various plastic substrates. The color of the pre-printed substrate is fully preserved. SEF Cast & Cure can be applied directly on the substrate, on printing inks, on hot stamping products as well as on cold transfer products. This means that the design possibilities are virtually endless.


Advantages of SEF Cast & Cure (CnC)

  • Two-dimensional or partial holographic effects possible.
  • Applicable to a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.
  • Applicable to sheet-fed offset, web offset or flexo and laminating presses.
  • Excellent register.
  • Fast set-up times.
  • Suitable for small and large runs.
  • High production speeds are possible.
  • Individual, personalized motifs can be made.
  • Use of security features in SEF standard decors and personalized designs.
  • Available in a variety of holographic decors.
  • No film remains on the substrate after application.
  • The process is resource efficient compared to other holographic enhancements.
  • The film can be reused several times.
  • No VOC's / No volatilization.


Markets & Fields of Application of SEF Cast & Cure

Cast & Cure can be used for many different applications. Since the C&C application can be used for all substrates that are also suitable for UV coating, CnC comes into question for many markets as an efficient and young finishing process.


SEF Cast & Cure decors

United Transfer Technologies BV offers a variety of different decors as SEF CnC products. The decors differ in the following design groups:

POL – Pillars of Light

We supply various POL decors, e.g. horizontal, vertical, diagonal and mini pillars.

Busy Patterns

We supply various "Busy Patterns" , such as Broken Glasses, Pieces, Rings and many more.

Lens Patterns

We supply special lens patterns, such as balls or bubbles, with which amazing 3D effects can be created.

SEF - Special Effect Finishing