Everything new, everything different, everything even better!

In 2021, we moved into our new, modern and environmentally friendly company building, creating the basis for us to offer you even more efficiency, service and customized products.

Our new location comprises a total of 7,500 m² of production, administration and storage space. A new heavy-duty high-bay warehouse, a laboratory wing for optimum quality control and quality assurance as well as ergonomically designed and fully air-conditioned workplaces for our employees round off the overall concept. During the planning phase, we spared no expense or effort to realign ourselves for the future in order to meet the requirements of our customers and sales partners, which have grown out of the great success of our company.

We give you a deeper insight into our new, climate-neutral headquarters on our building page.

Starting in 2022, we will now take further important and long prepared steps to serve you even better and more sustainably as your reliable supply partner.

New marketing

Of course, we are aware that, not least because of the new building and relocation, our general corporate image has recently become somewhat "outdated" in almost all areas.

We are currently in the process of completely overhauling all areas of our corporate communications with professional help and are also reorganizing our marketing.

In addition to our completely relaunched website, we will soon also be relaunching our product samples and brochures in a modern and contemporary way and will soon also be represented in the respective stores with our own apps for iOS and Android that will be useful for you.

Please stay tuned and look forward to the new face of United Transfer Technologies BV already now.

New portfolio

Do not panic! Of course, we have not taken any products out of the program that you have been buying from us for years in the usual high quality and availability and with the highest possible service. What we have decided to do is to modernize our product portfolio as part of our general realignment and also to make it easier for you to understand. We have become aware that the size of our product catalog and the multitude of application processes we can supply can at first seem overwhelming, especially for our new customers. You can already find our current main program here on our new website.

However, if your desired products are not listed here, this does not mean that we no longer have them in our program. Just talk to your service advisor or our customer service if you have any questions about such products.

We also have a lot of fantastic new products that you may not even know about yet. Especially in the area of special products for digital printing or very specific application processes, such as narrow web, we have been able to massively expand in recent years and months and would therefore like to take the opportunity to present these new products to you here. We are already excited to see what great applications you and your customers will develop with them.

But we are also taking a step forward in our sales activities and are responding to the many requests we have received: We are currently working on a way to provide you with a sales platform for our pre-assembled stock items. This platform will be available for you with daily updated stock around the clock, so that you can also place orders outside our business hours. On the one hand, you can save money here, especially for small runs, as we will be issuing pre-assembled stock goods in part at discounted prices, and on the other hand, we are also doing this for reasons of sustainability. In terms of environmental protection, it often makes little sense to use master rolls - which usually have to be used for large-format applications in high print runs - for short runs or narrow-web applications if the same product - in a smaller width or run length but of the same quality - is already in stock.

So we will invite you here soon to have a look at our new online sales portal and hope to meet your wishes and demands as well with maximum added value and user-friendliness.