From Waalwijk to all of Europe

Our new headquarters are located in the beautiful municipality of Waalwijk in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. Centrally located to Düsseldorf, Brussels and Amsterdam, the dreamy community of Waalwijk with its 50,000 inhabitants covers almost 70 km2.

Situated directly on the A 59 motorway in the industrial area of Haven in the town of Waalwijk, this location offers us excellent transport connections to all European cities as well as to the four important seaports in the Netherlands: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zeeland and Groningen. For cargo airfreight, Amsterdam Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen Airport as well as Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are in the immediate neighbourhood.

As the traditional centre of the Dutch shoe and leather industry, Waalwijk has a historically grown industrial infrastructure. This is characterised by fast and mostly congestion-free delivery routes.

Several times a day, overseas containers arrive at our site with fresh goods, which are quality-checked by us and stored temporarily in our almost 20,000 m3 high-bay warehouse, managed automatically via our ERP system.  We also ship our ready-made goods to our European customers on a daily basis. For this purpose, we have three truck container ramps and a 350 m2 transit warehouse at our disposal. To implement all this smoothly requires a tight organisation on the one hand, of course, but also short and variable delivery routes, which are guaranteed by the well-considered choice of our new location.

Our customers appreciate our fast and uncomplicated logistics, which we are known for since many years. This high level of reliability, together with our very high storage capacity, also enables us to offer our lean management customers storage and just-in-time shipping of preassembled goods.

For a fast on-site service, even in urgent cases, our technical sales team is ready to assist us from various German locations. Highly experienced and perfectly trained in all application technologies of the graphic arts industry, our field staff can be on site at our customers' premises within a very short time due to the decentralised operation and support them in word and deed with general advice, planning processes, but also in case of technical problems.