The building

The new headquarters of United Transfer Technologies BV is designed as an environmentally friendly building / zero energy building (zero net energy). This means that an intelligent supply technology, coupled with photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, condensing boiler heating, a heat exchange system and continuous air conditioning in all areas, has ensured a completely autonomous energy supply on an annual average. United Transfer Technologies BV can thus probably even be classified as climate-neutral at the new location.


Furthermore, attention was paid to the highest ergonomics for all employees. A modern canteen for all employees and visitors to the company will promote social contact and a good work-life balance.

Furthermore, in addition to sufficient parking spaces for staff and visitors, some of which are already equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles, the new location also has two large LED video screens (11 x 5 m and 5 x 3 m) facing the busy adjacent highway, which, in addition to marketing content, also present current job advertisements for regional prospects, among other things.

Distribution of the total area:

  • Property : 10,000 m²
  • Total area: 7,500 m²
  • Production area: 2,100 m²
  • Storage area: 2,300 m²
  • Transit warehouse: 350 m²
  • Laboratory: 20 m²
  • Office space: 1,200 m²
  • Canteen: 250 m²

State-of-the-art building technology

Solar Power

With a total of 568 high-performance photovoltaic panels, we generate a peak load of 190,450 Wp.

Solar thermal

Generation of heat and cooling

With 320 PVT panels, we are able to use solar heat for heating as well as to cool the indoor air in all buildings on hot days. The plant achieves a peak thermal output of 343,000 kWht.

Floor heating and cooling

All halls and the office spaces are equipped throughout with underfloor heating and cooling systems to guarantee an optimal climate throughout the building for all employees and staff with the greatest possible energy efficiency.


The entire building has a CO2-based demand-controlled ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery using high-performance heat exchangers.

Heat pumps

Two fully automated 60 kW heat pumps provide environmentally friendly and sustainable heating and cooling throughout the building.

Geothermal energy

Cooling and heating sources in the ground are used for heat and cold exchange with a total flow of 17 m3/h of groundwater.

Full air conditioning

A fully automatic and smart air conditioning of all office rooms is achieved via 4-pipe induction units, which are designed for both cooling and heating. This allows all offices to be optimally adjusted to the individually desired room temperatures in an energy-saving manner.