Are United Transfer's transfer products recyclable?

Hot stamping and cold transfer printing are both RECYCLABLE!

In a study commissioned by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (, it was found that paper is 100% recyclable after transfer of our products. The use of transfer products does not cause any problems with deinking or pulping during the recycling process.

Hot stamping and cold transfer products are multi-layered, but also incredibly THIN

In the structure of hot stamping and cold transfer products, the aluminum metallization on the transfer layer is extremely thin, and the coating thickness is often less than that of conventional inks. NO plastic residue remains on the substrate after hot stamping or cold transfer. Unlike laminating foils and metallic paper, our transfer products are easily recyclable.

Prints with our products are RECYCLABLE and DEINKABLE

The products of United Transfer have passed INGEDE's de-inking certification. After finishing with United Transfer's products, papers and boards can be easily de-inked during the remanufacturing process so that the fibers can be easily used for the production of new paper or board.

Prints with our products are COMPOSTABLE and BIODEGRADABLE

United Transfer's products have obtained DIN CERTCO certification, which includes both the European standard EN 13432 and the North American standard ASTM D6400. The certification confirms that our products are fully compatible with the composting process as an additive. After decomposition, substrates enhanced with United Transfer products leave no toxic residues or other negative effects on the environment.