Waste treatment and recycling

To reduce environmental impact and losses during production, United Transfer has implemented a number of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

At the industrial sites of our suppliers, we have reduced carbon emissions by using less solvent. In addition, used solvents are collected and recycled so that they can be reintroduced into the production process under strict quality and measurement controls.

Finally, we have greatly reduced our single-use packaging through forced campaigns. We have implemented active return/reuse programs with our customers for packaging such as pallets, corrugated boxes, endboards, core plugs and other suppliers.

In Europe, United Transfer is working with certified partners to test a PET recycling process in which PET waste from used carrier film is processed and turned into recycled PET chips, known as RECOMPOUND. This RECOMPOUND can then be reused to manufacture new products. It can also be used as a combustible fuel source.

In this way, our product residues remain in the industrial material cycle.